Revolutionizing Identity Verification and eKYC in Tanzania

Revolutionizing Identity Verification and eKYC in Tanzania

Identity verification and Digital KYC are essential processes for any business that operates in the digital economy. They help to establish trust, prevent fraud, comply with regulations, and enhance customer experience. However, traditional methods of identity verification and eKYC are often slow, costly, and prone to errors. They rely on manual checks, paper documents, and physical presence, which can create friction and frustration for both businesses and customers.

This is where Accura Scan comes in. Accura Scan is a Fintech and Regtech leader in Global Digital KYC, Identity Verification and Customer Onboarding, offering an innovative user verification environment that seamlessly integrates into any existing technology covering all the countries globally. Accura Scan provides a comprehensive solution for identity verification and e-KYC that leverages the power of AI, OCR, MRZ, face biometrics, active passive liveness check, ID forgery detection, fingerprint biometrics, face match, ID verification, age verification, and cybersecurity enhancement.

Accura Scan’s ID scanning solution can scan any national ID card or passport or any other civil ID with 100% OCR accuracy and auto-fill the relevant data fields. It can also verify the authenticity of the document by running over 50 forensic checks in real time for forged documents, passport and ID cards. Accura Scan’s face match feature can match the user selfie with the photo shown in the ID card and perform a certified liveness check to ensure that the person holding the ID is the same person shown in the ID photo and that they are present during the transaction. Accura Scan’s SDK works offline as well as online and provides both SDK & WEB API for easy integration.

Accura Scan’s identity verification and customer onboarding solution can revolutionize the digital economy in Tanzania by enabling businesses to onboard and verify their customers in a fast, secure, and convenient way. Accura Scan can help businesses to comply with the growing regulations around the globe such as GDPR, KYC and AML by checking against watch lists such as Interpol, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP). Accura Scan can also help businesses to improve their customer satisfaction and retention by providing a smooth and seamless user experience while reducing transaction friction and fraud risk.

Accura Scan is trusted by some of the world’s best companies from different industries who want to onboard their customer with ease and also protect their organization from the risk of frauds and scams. Accura Scan has also been featured in various media outlets and has won multiple awards for its robust solutions and best in class service.

Accura Scan is the ultimate solution for identity verification and digital KYC in Tanzania and beyond. It is a game-changer for the digital economy that can help businesses to grow faster and safer while providing their customers with a superior service. Whether you are operating in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar or any other city in Tanzania , you can benefit from Accura Scan’s innovative technology and features. To learn more about Accura Scan and its features, visit or email