Now, Singapore National ID Under Accura Scan’s Net

Now, Singapore National ID Under Accura Scan’s Net

For over decades, Singapore has topped Asian Digital Transformation Index. It is an officially country who is on par with western countries. DIGITAL has always been a priority for Singapore. However, the government understands that new and young companies might struggle with building a digital infrastructure aligned to the country’s larger goal.

To help such companies, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore have just announced a new project dubbed Start Digital — an initiative of the ‘SMEs Go Digital’ programme.

New SMEs can select any two free foundational digital solutions from five categories of core business functions:

  1. Accounting
  2. Human Resource Management System & Payroll
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Digital Transactions, and
  5. Cybersecurity.

What is Singapore national ID card?

In Singapore, each citizen and permanent resident in Singapore above age 15 is generally required to have a National Registration Identity Card (NRIC).

Every NRIC displays the following information:

  1. Unique NRIC number comprising 9 alphanumeric characters, which acts as an identifier and is permanent. The second and third characters can reveal a person’s birth year.
  2. Black and white photograph of cardholder.
  3. Name of cardholder.
  4. Race.
  5. Date of birth.
  6. Sex.
  7. Country of birth.
  8. Date of issue of NRIC.
  9. Residential address.
  10. Thumbprint.

Below are the benefits of Singapore ID card:

  1. Mobile phone line.
  2. Subscription to lucky draws
  3. Retail Memberships
  4. Loyalty rewards
  5. security clearance

Now with, Accura Scan covering Singapore ID card, it can be easily used by numerous institutions like banks, airports, government offices and credit institutions. So, instead of wasting time by typing or writing down customer details or taking out printouts of the same, install Accurascan on your mobile and scan with a tap. With the use of the Accurascan app that is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, banks can eliminate the need for papers, files or registers. It also reduces the use of paper and its wastage which is an eco-friendly initiative in a country which has already vowed to become paperless by year 2025.

Moreover, Accurascan app has a web SDK/API which can be used to integrate with the banks as their apps and the bank has the liberty to enhance the features of the Accurascan app with it. The web SDK/API is tool kit for adding extra features or for customizing it as per the requirements. Thus, with this tool kit, the user can have a wide scope of a tailor-made app.

Accura Scan, a pioneer in scanning technology is a perfect solution for the onboarding and KYC of the new customers.

At Accura Technolabs, it is our mission to replace the manual KYC onboarding. You can check out more information about us here