Meet Us at the Take Off Istanbul 2019

Meet Us at the Take Off Istanbul 2019

In partnership with the Turkish Investment and Promotion Agency and Turkish Technology Team, the most extensive free technology expo in the region; Take off Startup Summit takes place on September 16th-19th in Istanbul. There, most pioneering startups, VCs, accelerators, and multinational companies from all over the world, have been brought together, providing a unique opportunity for startup founders to take ahead of their entrepreneurial dreams to a whole new level.

Accurascan at #TakeOffIstanbul2019

Accurascan has been honored to be among the top 100 startups invited to the event globally. From India, Accurascan was the only startup company invited from a Fintech segment. The most promising 300+ global startups in 7 strategic verticals, will get on stage to pitch for the international jury, VCs and world leading companies

Accurascan’s CEO, Yasin Patel , will be showcasing the products, and this is what you can never afford to miss. His talk will include Customer On-Boarding Journey, KYC and new Face Biometrics SDK. Join him to find out how customer onboarding, face biometrics and KYC work together for a successful business.

If you’re attending the TakeOffIstanbul and want to find out more about Accurascan, get in touch and let us know.  Whether you need to digitize your smart factory processes or you want to give your customers an improved experience, we’re happy to meet up and discuss more and help you learn more about digitization with Accurascan.

You can also get in touch if you have questions about any of our product lines or industry solutions.