Malaysia National ID (MyKAD) Card now Covered by Accura KYC 

Malaysia National ID (MyKAD) Card now Covered by Accura KYC 

A national identity card (ID) is an easy carry document, typically a plasticized card that citizen is required to carry as a means of confirming themselves. ID cards are becoming common throughout the world. Many countries are implementing them with the claim that these ID cards will help improve national and international security. These cards have also been important in the fight against identity theft. To ensure that these cards are 100 percent accurate, many of these cards incorporate biometrics, which are physical characteristics that identify the individual, which makes these cards increasingly more difficult to forge.


What is Malaysia’s MyKAD?

MyKAD is a Malaysia identity card which was introduced on September 2001. It is one of four MSC Malaysia flagship applications. It was first introduced by using 12 digits characters system producing identification number as each citizen’s personality number. It is government-issued all-in-one smartcard which performs a wide range of functions such as data processing, storage and file management which’s an ambitious project as Malaysia is a pioneer in deploying smart ID technology. And this time, Accura Scan has Malaysia’s most important card covered under its capability.

To understand the importance of this, let us realise some facts related to MyKAD card:

  1. Malaysia is the first country in the world to introduce and use a national identity card which has a photo identification and biometric data on a built-in chip embedded in a plastic.
  2. Aside from identification purposes, MyKAD is also a valid driver’s license.
  3. It can also be used with Public key infrastructure security to incorporate digital certificates and a personal key to allow electronic transactions that require a digital signature.
  4. MyKAD is also capable of storing passport information but does not completely replace the travel document, can also be used as alternative identification to enter Sabah and Sarawak.
  5. It can also be used as an electronic purse for Touch N Go to make toll payments and even act as a debit card while making purchases in many outlets nationwide.
  6. Basic health information such as blood type, organ implants, allergies, chronic diseases and information of beneficiary or next-of-kin can also be placed into the MyKAD chip.
  7. Above all, MyKAD chip can retain data up to 20 years, while the card itself has lifespan of 10 years.


Due to significant importance, it is beyond doubt that this document is essential for millions of Malaysian citizens to showcase their individual personality in every aspect. In several government institutions, physical process is a herculean task for staff, it can be small tasks like allotting subsidies to its 30 million citizens. Malaysia is one of those countries which delivers heavy subsidies on most grocery or essential items. For this, MyKAD is of extra significance as it can help authorities to access the individual’s information quicker and faster.

Now with, Accura Scan covering Malaysian MyKAD card, it will help the organizations and institutions in Malaysia to leverage this document within seconds. So, instead of wasting time by typing or writing down customer details or taking out paper printouts of the same, the user is just required to install Accurascan on their mobile and scan with a tap. With the use of the Accurascan app that is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, they can easily access the person’s records accurately.

Further, Accurascan app has a web SDK/API which can be used to integrate with the banks as their apps and the bank has the liberty to enhance the features of the Accurascan app with it. The web SDK/API is tool kit for adding extra features or for customizing it as per the requirements. Thus, with this tool kit, the user can have a wide scope of a customised application.

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