Know UAE Visa through Accura OCR

Know UAE Visa through Accura OCR

An Emirates visa carries great importance to both the host country and the traveller. According to the International Trade Administration’s Office of Travel and Tourism, over 2.7 million U.S. citizens travelled to UAE internationally in January 2018. But without a visa, most of these travellers would have never made it to their destination. Not only this, but it is also important to use the same for starting a business. Understanding the importance of this, UAE visa is covered by Accura OCR.

So, coming to our first point, what exactly is an OCR? OCR is a short form for Optical Character Recognition. Some mobile apps work as a scanner by using OCR technology. Such apps can scan documents like ID cards, driving licenses, visas, and Visas within a few milliseconds. Such scanners are now in widespread use across the government institutions and offices and businesses, along with the financial institutions. We list down three core benefits obtained due to Accura OCR.


  1. Company Registration now made easy!

If a foreign individual or a corporate body registers a firm in UAE, relocation of director(s) is crucial as some business entities (for example, the Private Limited or the Subsidiary) require appointing UAE’s nominee directors: a new UAE firm can be run from overseas with an assistance of local directors. Foreign business owners can work on the territory of UAE only as holders of appropriate business visas. To track this, corporate institutions and government stakeholders can use Accura OCR now to access the details of Visa easily.


  1. Gone with Airport Queues!

Since the airport will be crowded with a large number of people during the tourist season, it’s really time-wasting for the staff to check or record the Visa data manually, under this situation, they need an OCR scanner to help them. Instead of manually scribbling the information into a log, the Visa scanner is able to scan your Visa, capture and save the photo on it, not only is this process more accurate, it’s also much faster scanning the Visa within few seconds. Accura’s OCR Technology relies on fool-proof methods in order to reduce the chance of mistakes when it comes to checking Visas.


  1. Knowing Visa Expiry Validation

In today’s scenario, with concerns like terrorism, overpopulation and economics, it is imperative for any nation (not only UAE) to monitor who enters the country. UAE visa allows their central government to control how many foreign visitors can enter, how long they are allowed to stay and the activities they are allowed to participate in, such as tourism or work. For this, they also need to keep a tab on an important issue i.e Visa Expiry. Last year, roughly 20% of the UAE attendants overstayed their visa unknowingly. Nevertheless, the penalties will follow the actions, but this disturbs the core idea of having a fine customer experience in UAE and the Government wants to avoid all the confrontations with the visiting tourists or citizens. With Accura Scan, it will quickly identify the contents from Visa and immediately inform the officers about its status.

Accura OCR is an easy-to-use scanning module which scans Visas, Passports & ID card, and provides you with both the image of the document and the text information arranged in appropriate text fields, the data and image can be saved to a file or the clipboard, or export to the web. The Visa Scanners can read Visas and IDs fast and reliable. Also, now more and more airports are finding that the Visa Scanner can fills their security needs, and it’s becoming more common to find it in airports, banks, hotels, travel agencies and embassies. At Accura Technolabs, it is our mission to replace the manual KYC onboarding. You can check out more information about us here-