How Can Online ID Verification Help The Hotel Industry With Digital Transformation?

How Can Online ID Verification Help The Hotel Industry With Digital Transformation?

People do not have to guess whether or not the hotel industry will digitise online check-in as it is already a reality.

The travel industry, in general, and hotels, in particular, are experiencing a crisis because of border closures, successive lockdowns, and massive cancellations of flights and accommodations by customers in the post-COVID-19 era.

Despite the uncertainty in which the industry finds itself, it can see a shift in the way people travel and spend their vacations.

In this context, hotels are now adopting digital identity check and verification processes to avoid undue physical contact and crowding at the front desk, prioritising online check-in and contactless check-in within the sector.

What are the benefits of digital KYC for hotels?

Mentioned hereunder are some benefits of adopting online ID verification in the hotel industry :

  • Better security and contactless transactions

One of the most significant advantages of digital ID verification is the reduced client waiting times,  preventing crowding and the spread of infectious diseases.

It also provides better security for the visitors as well as the hotel staff. It is perhaps one of the most explicit advantages given the current situation.

Also, the use of keys can get eliminated if hotels integrate the online ID verification alternative with a mobile application. This allows hotels to provide direct room access with a token or facial biometrics, saving money and administering a contactless check-in solution for their guests.

  • It enhances customer satisfaction and relationship

The hotel industry must understand that the only thing the customers do not want after a long haul flight is the inevitable wait for the luggage and the annoyance of the transfer to the hotel.

For them, having arrived is to get into their room and rest without waiting to have their ID card copied or any paperwork signed.

This is why an accelerated check-in process with a mobile app appeals to a frequent traveller. A swift, seamless digital experience likewise allows your visitors to ask for more customised and engaging facilities from the hotel.

  • Marketing, reliability, and cost-cutting

Apart from better customer satisfaction, digital KYC for hotels can be beneficial for marketing, reliability, and cost-cutting in the ways mentioned below:

  1. Automatic processes to record data from Identity cards and passports and their enrollment into the PMS make identity checks easier for guests.
  2. Furthermore, hotels can eliminate paper during check-in by using both a scan and a cryptographic signature, making the process more eco friendly and saving money on storage.
  3. The life of a hotel clerk is easier when particular tasks and practices, such as check-in, can be automated, allowing them to delight guests through other services while also balancing their workload.

The hotel industry is seen as forward-thinking and modern, able to take advantage of the online platform established with travellers during the check-in process to provide various offers and coupons and obtain other information.

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