How Accura Scan’s KYC Solutions Can Protect From Online Scams

How Accura Scan’s KYC Solutions Can Protect From Online Scams

Cybercrimes, data infringement, and consumer privacy abuses have also increased as the world has become more digitized. Regular character passwords and knowledge-based passwords appear vulnerable in the face of today’s hackers and crooks. As the market changes, firms like Accura Scan are developing modern, real-time, and contactless Digital KYC verification solutions to provide complete protection for your critical business information.

Businesses benefit greatly from digital transformation in operations, resource management, KYC in banking, reachability, customer experience, and more. With the advancement of technology, there has been an increase in online malpractices and cyber security challenges. As a result, building trust online has become more important than ever.

Simultaneously, the economic services business is fast evolving due to rising and shifting customer demands. An urgent move toward digital payments methods such as banking cards, digital KYC, UPI, mobile wallets, internet banking, and others, combined with the rapid growth in the Fintech sector, is further surging the digital wave.

  • Defends Against Digital Fraud

Currently, financial service companies are leaning toward futuristic identity validation aspects. Banks have diligently invested in authentication solutions. The KYC solution program from Accura Scan is an excellent fit for such financial institutions that require security measures to prevent digital frauds & crimes.

Accura Scan streamlines and simplifies the authentication procedure. It is a next-generation identity verification technology supplier, offering user verification, identity verification, KYC solution, KYC service provider, ID scanner, OCR, video KYC, and facial biometrics.

It aids in the prevention of illegal access to the massive amounts of personal information that any corporation or financial institution stores on their devices or online.

  • Solution Technology For Onboarding

Accura Scan uses KYC onboarding solution technology, Video KYC, and Facial Biometrics to help banks and other businesses. It is a B2B, Global KYC solution pioneer in User verification, providing continuous automated verification solutions such as swift & accurate digital KYC with user authentication,  KYC in banking, and reinforcing high-quality client verification.

It has made a good impact by transforming itself into a requirement in the realm of consumer services. AI and learning algorithms improve security by automating and enhancing serviceability for fraud detection and prevention, whereas authentication secures and maintains corporate account users and increases notability via fingerprint or facial recognition.

Accura Scan provides continuous automated Digital KYC verification services  with User Authentication.

Accura Scan’s robust user onboarding solution with no code AI platform, API, and SDK technology is designed to eliminate transaction friction and is compatible with all operating systems. It provides a unique Digital KYC with a Robust OCR environment that seamlessly integrates into your existing technology to provide you with high-level user authentication with feature-rich ID card scanning.

  • The Objective

Accura Scan was founded in 2017 to eradicate the sluggish and obsolete authentication encryptions. Constant thoughts and inspirations gave rise to a line of products that are not only unique but also affordable. A Mumbai-based IT firm with over 20 years of experience developing mobile and online applications manages and designs the product.

Accura Scan is the only eKYC solution that ensures that the relevant user is constantly in front of the camera – using the device for remote authentication – before providing access to any app, webpage, or program.

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