Hong Kong – Old & New National ID Cards Under Accura Scan Umbrella

Hong Kong – Old & New National ID Cards Under Accura Scan Umbrella

On 25 September 2019, hardly few months back, Hong Kong Government (Part of China) released a study on Digital Transformation of the state enterprises and private sector. This included banks, financial institutions, corporations, manufacturing companies and services sector. The result found that while most of them have taken the first step towards transforming their operations through digital technology, they lack the overall strategy and thinking to lead and raise staff awareness, hindering the pace of digital transformation. It also concluded that third party aggregators must be involved and given an opportunity to participate in this digital transformation drive. So why are we even concerned about it? Well, let me tell how Accura Scan has now been able to cover their old and new National ID cards. Clearly, there is a room for huge development in this space!

The Hong Kong Identity Card is an official identity document issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong to its 8.8 million citizens. The earlier card was just used for the national identity purposes while the current new HKID, named as the New Smart Identity Card, features multiple security, durability and chip technology enhancements. The card is equipped with built-in radio frequency identification, expanded storage for higher-resolution photo, hologram background, rainbow printing, and micro-printed text. It was designed to prevent counterfeiting. So, let us see what the real benefits of Hong Kong ID cards are!

In Hong Kong, National ID cards are mainly used for 4 purposes:

Government Services

National ID cards enable efficient access to essential government services. Bank accounts can be opened using a National ID assigned by the government. Direct transfers can be made by the government to individual bank accounts.

Information Association

ID cards help associate a lot of information with a particular person. For example, an ID card might carry information such as health risks that the individual holds. This card can be scanned and searched on a national database.

National Security

Government Security agencies can prevent individuals who are not supposed to be in a certain area, such as individuals who have been deemed national security threats, from performing certain actions such as flying.

Analytics and Reporting

Application provides enrolment and authentication statistics for both public enterprises and partners. It also provides user management, role-based access control, automation and status reporting.


Very few people are aware of the fact that most of these above benefits are used in Hong Kong for the sake of purposes like Bank Account opening, buying property, availing government services and most importantly, participating in both private and public sector jobs. We are happy to announce that thousands of public and private enterprises can now scan both old and new Hong Kong National ID cards in a jiffy and accordingly, record the information and improve their customer experience. Due to the involvement of engaging and responsible players like Accura Scan, today, Hong Kong can flourish along with its digital information narrative and carry forward its journey for which it is known for – smoothness and dedication.

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