Fake Document or ID Detection & Protect Your Company From It?

Fake Document or ID Detection & Protect Your Company From It?

Forgery of Identity documents is a leading threat the global business communities are going through right now. Fraudsters and cybercriminals have become far more technologically advanced than they used to be. This fraudulent practice has made businesses remain under a constant threat and look around for the tips and tricks that can assist them in fake id detection and safeguard their business from all the latent identity forgeries.

How to spot fake ID & protect your company from it?

By looking for signs of forgery with naked-eye inspection and anti-forgery tools, you can prevent your company from being the next target of identity thieves. Mentioned here are some important documents that fraudsters forge and how you can identify them.

  • Identify a fake image 

Numerous instances have been reported from the USA and many different parts of the world where people use fake images to carry out frauds. Hence, you must make sure that you cross-check the image mentioned in the ID card with the person standing in front of you to make sure the image is real.

However, If you think this is a time-consuming process, you can also make use of identity verification tools provided by identity verification service providers to make this process faster.

  • Identify a false driving license

The driving license is again a very crucial document that the fraudsters forge to gain some falsified earnings or for stealing someone’s identity. There are certain ways by which you can spot a fake driving license. This includes checking out the surface of the driving license as the fake ones have a bumpy surface. Moreover, you must also carefully review if the signatures are incorrect.

However, it can sometimes be impossible to detect fake document one all by yourself. In that case, you can always use the most reliable fake documentation identification tool that will assist you in identifying fraudsters with higher efficiency and minimal effort.

  • Identify a fake passport and forged social security numbers 

Identifying a fraudulent passport and a social security number can be a tough task that requires a lot of precision and a proper digital KYC of all your customers. Doing so ensures that your company remains protected. To identify a fake social security number, you must use forgery detection tools to check whether the security number is valid or not.

On the other hand, for identifying a fake passport, you must ascertain the legality of passports by looking for an invalid expiry date or falsified personal details. Moreover, you must always check if the signatures or images are placed in the wrong position. Finally, most passports come with unique identification markers like serial numbers or watermarked emblems; look for these as well.
The number of identity theft crimes have increased rapidly across the globe. Hence, to make sure that your organisation is not the next victim, you must invest in technologically advanced identity verification tools and practices. Accura Scan, with its effective identity protection services and anti-forgery tools like ID Forgery, can help your business remain protected. Reach out today at connect@accurascan.com.