Face Match: Speed Up the Airport Security with Biometric Face Recognition

Face Match: Speed Up the Airport Security with Biometric Face Recognition

Soon, do not be surprised when you will board a plane, in an international terminal, without having to show your passport. All you will need to do is stand in front of a camera and pose. The camera will then scan your face, and send the image obtained to a system. The system will then match it to a stored copy of your passport.

Digital is the best way to inflate and arise into markets as a business. However, it may come along with lots of risks to take, such as digital fraud. As a company, biometric facial recognition will enable you to carry out entire ID verification.

Accurascan works to deliver digital ID verification to the next generation. We will help you reduce fraud in your business, and provide you with seamless and fast customer experience, and therefore increasing revenue.

We verify credentials given out by over 150 countries in mobile transactions, and real-time web by the travel of computer vision technology. Whether you are in the financial services, retail, online gaming sectors, sharing economy, or travel, Accurascan’s solution has your back.

You will keep posing for a photo, at the gate, and the security queue. If all the photos will match up your passport photo, you will go on board, relax and probably talk over the experience with your seatmate.

This covers everything, from security, convenience, and even tension. It’s all inherent in facial recognition. All these benefits will, of course, come at some cost. But what are costs, if facial recognition technology is capable of making traveling more secure and convenient, and creating a digital template of you at the same time?

Machines match faces in a great way than humans. The airline has to send the encrypted photos of you to the traveler verification service system. The TVS is run on a cloud server, and the CBT’s algorithm of matching faces will confirm whether the person in the image is the same as the one in the passport photo.

If you are wondering how this happens, here you go:

A biometric template is created by the system, based on the traveler’s photograph. The template contains measurements such as the shape, and size of features like eyes, and the length between the features.

According to CBP, the airports and airlines are supposed to purge the copies of passenger’s photos from their system immediately.

Error Rates

Research has stated that some algorithms of facial recognition could be less accurate, based on someone’s gender, and skin color. For instance, the algorithm could falsely say that your face doesn’t match your photo, and this could frustrate legitimate travelers.

The above-improved procedures will help you reduce costs that result from unauthorized transactions and fraud, as well as increase customer conversions. All these will happen without having to impact customer experience. Accurascan operates globally, and we are ready to hear you out and make sure your business does not remain the same.