Digital Onboarding – A new Norm for Law firms?

Digital Onboarding – A new Norm for Law firms?

The relationship between a lawyer and a consumer has always been built on trust. As a result, consumers turn to their lawyer to handle their most personal affairs in a way that is right for them.

Historically, consumers would instruct their local law firm, meet with their lawyer in person and build a relationship, if not friendship, to which the consumer would repeatedly seek advice from a trusted advisor.

Technology advances regardless of which sector people work in. It’s true that some sectors move a lot quicker than others and embrace technology but will 2020 be the year that the legal sector begins to open its mind to what’s out there. And the first space where they are commencing their journey is through- Digital Onboarding.


What are the benefits of digital onboarding to the Law firms?

As far as law sector is concerned, there are 4 core benefits.

  • Provides the customer with a much better journey, managing their expectations along the way
  • It enables clients to provide their source of ID at a time that is convenient to them, and send it to the firm safely, without having the hassle of arranging an appointment to come in and physically complete the document check.
  • The first stand-out benefit from both the law firm and consumer perspective is that technology enhances communication. The key to building a good relationship with your client has and always will rely on good communication.
  • It is vital that law firms find a way to maintain transparency with their clients; technology like this will help them to this on top of it.


Will this affect Client Lawyer professional relationship?

There are certain rumours mushrooming in the law community that this would destroy client – lawyer relationship but the case is opposite. No, it won’t. If law firms are going to keep up with the competitiveness of the digital legal market, they should consider reviewing their onboarding process to include high-specification technology. Notwithstanding this, there are consumers who prefer the more traditional methods of communication, and it is down to the law firm to understand the needs of their clients, and to then provide a service which is suitable for them. But however, in our experience, the times do change, and people slowly get adopted to the newer ways. The adoption is never slow especially if the law firms would take care to convince their customers about digital onboarding strategy and its benefits to them first.

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