Developer Account: Try Before you Buy, No Force

Developer Account: Try Before you Buy, No Force

In eKYC business, all these years, Accura Scan, a pioneer in OCR & AI Based scanning technology has always been a perfect solution for the businesses looking to embark on OCR journey. As we had conveyed in our recent communication, at Accura Technolabs, it is our mission to replace the manual data capture and automate the OCR journey for clients. You can check out more information about us here

Having said this, we take pride in providing solutions for several leading international banks, travel and telecommunications companies. The Accura Scan value is delivered through our innovation and management’s focus on quality with knowledge, commitment and a relationship bred in trust. We are more than industry leaders. We are more than KYC solution providers and OCR experts. Our business expertise ensures we become partners in the success of your business.

Accura Scan specializes in eKYC solutions services to our valued clients which are incompatible. With Accura Scan you can scan ID Cards, Passports, Driver’s Licenses, Visas and other Identity Documents in just a few seconds with Face Biometrics and 3D Liveness Check for Remote, Real-time User Authentication.

Banks and telcos can integrate our API into their systems and commence their smooth use. Accura Scan leverages all the Indian identity documents like AADHAR, PAN and passport seamlessly. It captures all information like photo, name, DOB, Address and signature of an individual within a jiffy from the documents like AADHAR, PAN, passport and presents it in a digital format accurately.


Value-Added Services: Developer Account

Accura Scan has maintained long and mutually satisfying relationships with our clients. These clients remain with Accura Scan because of our proactive approach towards making a flawless product and service. We strive to position ourselves as more than a KYC solution provider with our value-added services. We believe in our product and that is why we offer you to try our exclusive system absolutely free. Clients can do a PoC  (Proof of Concept) by using the developer account at Clients can register for free and generate SDK license and Web API keys for OCR and Face Recognition. Upon registration each user gets 100 KYC checks to evaluate the solution, this can be increased by sending us an email to