C3 embarks on OCR Journey with Accura Scan for their Digital KYC

C3 embarks on OCR Journey with Accura Scan for their Digital KYC

Now, sailing ahead, Accura team has been marching towards excellence and covering a broad range of documents all over the world. We have been at the forefront of the mission to deliver the best KYC solution for Onboarding to all major banks and financial institutions. This time we have covered what we call it the most useful document in the major gulf economy United Arab Emirates. Before we proceed, let us understand what is this important document that we are intending to talk about.

If you live or work around the gulf region, chances are probably that you may already know or heard about C3 Card. Let us check out what is.

What is the C3 Card?

C3 card is nothing but a card introduced by the C3 prepaid service provider company with an objective to ease the cash transfer for payroll disbursal. By utilizing the C3 card, carrying a tremendous amount of money can be evaded between the employees and their employers as the exchange of money should be possible by means of an electronic medium by using a C3 card.

More importantly, C3 offers the highest level of financial level security to the workers and processes as well as streamlines disbursal purposes to all the companies in the UAE. Going to the UAE, individuals who work for an organization or enterprise can immediately draw their cash from the electronic machines or ATMs by utilizing the C3 card and they as they are offered access to the equivalent by methods for C3 card all as per the labor compliance that came into enactment in January 2008. One of the significant parts of the C3 card is that it contemplates the prerequisites of both the employers and the cardholders.

Is C3 Card essential?

Yes, it is. To understand its necessity, let us list down its primary benefits first.

  • The card is adaptable and super convenient to use.
  • Quick and prompt access to the funds as there is ready access to ATM machines.
  • Acceptance at POS and ATMs all over the world.
  • Scores of bill payment services like remittance, mobile top-ups, local and international utility bill payments.

So what next? Now the time has arrived we reveal why we are letting you know this. The great news is that Accura Scan is now selected by C3 for providing them with Emirates ID OCR / Data Capture for KYC. You can explore more about them here https://edenred.ae/  Just like C3, all the businesses in UAE can now avail Accura KYC for the reliable processing of millions of card records per day. Although it is important to note that Accura KYC does not process any payments, it only extracts information which makes it effortless for businesses to work further wherever KYC documents are needed.

By following a few simple steps and tips, you can create an effective and efficient, fully KYC compliant onboarding process that works for you. Accura Scan, a pioneer in scanning technology is a perfect solution for the onboarding and KYC of the new customers. At Accura Technolabs, it is our mission to replace the manual KYC onboarding. You can check out more information about us here http://accurascan.com/

In addition, Accura Scan already supports the scanning of middle eastern ID cards such as passports and ID cards of countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, and others. Just with a single tap, OCR technology of the app captures all details accurately.