Bahrain ID Cards Incorporated by Accurascan

Bahrain ID Cards Incorporated by Accurascan


The card was presented as a major aspect of the kingdoms e-government system, launched in 2004, and is basically a smart card replacing the first Central Population Registry (CPR) card. It additionally replaces the immigration ID card issued by the General Directorate for Nationality, Passport and, Residence Affairs and the driving licence gave by the General Directorate for Traffic. Basically, three cards in one, the chip on the card additionally conveys a large group of other information, and has worked in biometrics storage for fingerprints. Just as the photo and mark of the holder, other data hung on the card incorporates identification and fundamental clinical subtleties, and most recent scholastic capabilities.


What is Bahrain ID Card?

Bahrain ID Card is mandatory contact and contactless eID card and validity is five years. Name, Place and Date of Birth, Unique Identity Card Number and blood type etc are mentioned on card. ​The card is used as an identification card for both online and offline transactions. The card combines three cards into one: the immigration ID card, driving licence and Central Population Registry (CPR) card. Also, in the chip unique identity card number, occupation and employer, fingerprint, signature, and portrait are imprinted.


Benefit of Bahrain ID Card:

Bahrain ID card is considered as a Smart Card, it serves as

  • An ID
  • Driving Licence
  • Labour card
  • Travel Document
  • Health card
  • E-payment card

The payment application can be used to pay for government services, such as water and electricity bills.

Now with, Accura Scan covering Bahrain, it can be easily used by numerous institutions like banks, airports, government offices and credit institutions. So, instead of wasting time by typing or writing down customer details or taking out printouts of the same, install Accurascan on your mobile and scan with a tap. With the use of the Accurascan app that is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, banks can eliminate the need for papers, files or registers. It also reduces the use of paper and its wastage which is an eco-friendly initiative in a country which has already vowed to become paperless by year 2025.

Moreover, Accurascan app has a web SDK/API which can be used to integrate with the banks as their apps and the bank has the liberty to enhance the features of the Accurascan app with it. The web SDK/API is tool kit for adding extra features or for customizing it as per the requirements. Thus, with this tool kit, the user can have a wide scope of a tailor-made app.

Accura Scan, a pioneer in scanning technology is a perfect solution for the onboarding and KYC of the new customers. At Accura Technolabs, it is our mission to replace the manual KYC onboarding. You can check out more information about us here