API Strategy: Reaping the Ultimate Benefits of Accura API

API Strategy: Reaping the Ultimate Benefits of Accura API

Have you noticed the word API before? If yes, then it’s all good. But if its no, then let us walk you through this mind-blowing concept of the tech world.

Imagine a situation: You need to get to other applications’ information into your system. For instance, maybe you need to get contents related to all Facebook posts that consist of hashtag #FunMoments. The logical step here would to email Facebook and request for a spreadsheet of all these posts. Thereafter, you will have to find a methodology to import that spreadsheet into your application or platform or system. This process looks simple but could be a very herculean task to deal with. Also, it would not be possible to update it every now and then. Instead, the easiest way is that Facebook provides a way to query their application to get access to that database and view it into your own application. Here is where API can come into the picture. An API allows access to a different application (like Accura Scan) to deliver functionalities in your system.

What is Accura Scan? Accura Scan is an OCR & AI Based scanning technology solution providing Digital KYC and User Onboarding solution real time User Authentication. Using this application can completely automate your KYC Onboarding process and eliminate human errors.

Benefits of API:

Knowing this, Accura Scan has introduced a Web API for you irrespective of being a corporation or an individual to use and experience its wonders.

And their use is not only restricted to major corporations –any type of company can use this technology. Accura Scan’s API empowers organizations to structure a wide range of progressively open and valuable solutions to live up to their clients’ desires, in less time and at a lower cost. Furthermore, this will likewise help change an organization into key business and enables them to arrive at an open that would be difficult to reach without the utilization of API. In particular, they will be promptly accessible in your individual framework or a portable application or organization’s interior framework so it very well may be legitimately utilized by different divisions or employees outside the organization.

One of the best examples we would love to mention is that of Banking, Telcos and Travel industry. Every organizations have their own website and mobile application to serve their customers. One of the vital roles of Accura Scan in those companies is structuring organized work.

Accura Web API can be used to capture OCR & MRZ data for almost all the countries, do facial biometrics and liveness check for remote real-time user onboarding and authentication. With use of Accura Web API, a digital KYC and customer onboarding integration can be done in no time.


Developer Account:

Clients can leverage a PoC by using the developer account at https://accurascan.com/developer/dashboard. Clients can register for free and generate SDK license and Web API keys for OCR and Face Recognition. Upon registration each user gets 100 KYC checks to evaluate the solution, this can be increased by sending us an email to connect@accurascan.com.

This way, Accura Scan’s API could be the most flexible one.

So, we hope that we have cleared the air of confusion around API. So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you check out our web API which is freely available in this link https://accurascan.com/web-api/doc