Acura Scan Improves SDK with Vehicle Plate OCR

29 Apr 2021

Vehicle registration is a standard protocol in all countries. It is an identity verification service for vehicles and their respective owners. Registration is necessary because there has to be some government-authorized link between a vehicle and its owner. The alphanumeric codes for vehicles give precise knowledge of the city, state, and country of origin for a given vehicle.

What is vehicle plate OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is commonly used to derive and manage data from various documents. OCR can automatically recognize a document and its associations. Vehicle plate OCR can help identify the vehicle's origin and trace its registration history and owner information. It mitigates human errors and even organizes the data so that no extensive search is required.

What is the purpose of vehicle plate OCR?

Depending upon the country’s policies, vehicle plates can be of different patterns and colour codes. OCR can effectively identify the patterns of specific countries and organize them properly. Moreover, there other purposes for vehicle plate OCR:

  • Real-time road traffic analysis.

  • Highly effective vehicle theft protection system.

  • An effective method for traffic law protection & enforcement.

  • Automation of parking fees and tickets while entering and exiting buildings.

  • Detailed information about the vehicle's parking and visit durations.

  • Better safety measures for car owners, parking services & government.

  • Better management of logistics.

  • Security monitoring at traffic signals, toll booths and checkpoints.

  • Vehicle surveillance in case of non-payment at gas stations and car parks.

Accura Scan vehicle plate OCR

Accura Scan provides OCR, Face Match, and Authentication services for the Digital KYC process. Their vehicle plate OCR has been updated by enhancing the SDK of the scanner app for better verification. This scanner manages the identity verification service for vehicle plates. It detects the number on plates, and the text is extracted and analyzed to identify the registration of that vehicle from the entire database.

What is new?

Accura Scan's updated and enhanced SDK for vehicle plate OCR has made improvements in the following aspects:

  • ID Verification

The KYC or ID verification of the vehicle plates and registration is improved to check whether the plates are valid and authentic.

  • Offline Accessibility

Efficient service even without an internet connection to process the identity verification service in suspected stolen vehicles.

  • Seamless Integration

The mobile OCR scanner app can easily be integrated into your device for private and public use.

  • Customizable UI

Clients can choose from a variety of customization options depending upon their needs. Customizable UI can help clients control their branding strategy.

Accura Scan has been a reliable source for fulfilling digital KYC verification needs. Currently serving in over 200+ countries, Accura Scan provides accurate verification services. The scanning app is available in Android & iOS, and customers have complete control of Vehicle Plate OCR's security and authentication processes.

Accura Scan is the perfect solution for authorization and identity verification services. In case of any queries, you can contact us via email at If you wish to experience how the app works, you can take a 30-day trial by downloading the app on Android & iOS.

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