Accura SDK – Powered With Pan Card & Aadhaar Card – Indian ID Card

Accura SDK – Powered With Pan Card & Aadhaar Card – Indian ID Card

Identity in India like any other country is defined by some official documents. Aadhaar card is one such document which is now widely used as an Indian ID card. Other documents that establish or help in the establishment of an individual’s identity as a citizen of India are the pan card, visa, and passport.

Be it banking professionals, tour operators or front office executives in hotels, these documents, especially the pan card and Aadhaar card, are of considerable significance as a copy of these documents are requested from customers for smooth rendering of services.

In most cases, an expensive document scanner or photocopier machine is used to aid customers in generating a hard copy of their identity documents without any delay. There are also some people who prefer to use a scanning app to quickly scan the documents and maintain a soft copy of the same which is convenient in an age of digitization. One such app is Accurascan developed by a Singapore based company- Accura Technolabs.

The OCR app accurately recognizes text and extracts the same from these machine-readable documents in a offline mode, but it does not enable its users to save anything. Thus, the scope of Accurascan app’s application becomes limited. However, Accura SDK allows easy integration of the ID card scanner app with any other existing app and even hassle-free customization. The toolkit is also offered by Accura Technolabs.

Accura SDK allows its users to have endless possibilities with the app like saving scanned documents on their system or integrating the documents with their existing database for quick reference.

Operating Systems supported by Accura SDK

  • Android 4.4 and later
  • iOS 8.x and later
  • Windows
  • Linux

Pricing options offered by Accura Technolabs

The company is offering four pricing options for those who are interested in making the use of its Accura SDK. These are as follows:

  • Start-up
  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Perpetual License

Regardless of the pricing option chosen by a user, he or she can scan an unlimited number of vital documents with machine-readable zone including Pan card and Indian ID card. After a prepaid payment, Accura SDK can be installed on as many as 500 and 10000 devices under start-up and business pricing options. However, those who opt for either enterprise or perpetual licence option can install the same on an unlimited number of devices.