Accura Scan Upgrades SDK with Bank Card OCR

Accura Scan Upgrades SDK with Bank Card OCR

Online businesses and local stores all rely on functioning systems to maintain financial flow and transactions. Some businesses also need proper identity verification service to complete transactions for authenticity. Therefore, these businesses need an OCR to avoid any instances of identity theft and keep the transactions secure. Accura Scan offers exceptional OCR for Digital KYC and identity verification.

What is Bank Card OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has the basic use of data entry & management. OCR helps you automate data management and gives you control over how it should be used. Whenever your customers use debit cards or credit cards for payment, you need to ensure that their data is safe and isn’t duplicated. OCR software can recognize bank card numbers and keep them safe while your customer processes the transaction.

Moreover, you aim to protect the card’s data and customer identity and avoid any misdirections or attempted thefts. One of the core parts of any business management strategy is to mitigate any information leaks that may harm you and your customers. OCR helps you keep the card data & customer information safe and secure. Introducing this OCR system reduces human errors significantly and segregates all the card information in the correct spaces.

How to Secure Your Business Transactions With OCR Scanning?

Accura Scan’s app has a feature for Bank Card OCR and Document OCR KYC verification. They fully support the document from various countries OCR and work on both Android & IOS. So, you can have complete control of the security and authentication process while enjoying easy accessibility.

Updated SDK For Bank Card OCR

The updated SDK enhances Bank Card OCR to make the process of reading, extracting, and saving your Bank Card data efficient and reliable. With the updated SDK, the data can be filled automatically in the system without typing. This also maximizes the effect of the authentication process with a world-class identity verification service.

The OCR can process the Digital KYC to verify the cardholder’s information, card details and the account details. Accura Scanner is the perfect solution for businesses for the following reasons:

  • The average recognition time is less than 500 ms to provide the fastest speed.
  • It has high precision in recognizing and scanning documents for the best accuracy.
  • The app can work online, offline, and without a stable internet connection to maintain security.
  • It can easily be integrated with any product and works seamlessly.
  • Customers have the option to customize according to their requirements.
  • The app takes up very little memory and storage space.

Accura Scan’s technological expertise and identity verification systems provide all banking institutions the opportunity to upgrade their digital verification systems and protect their customer’s data. Their identity verification services are the perfect solution for managing OCR for Bank Cards or other Documents. The 30-day trial period applies to both Android & iOS. If you want to find out more, email us at