Accura Scan to be a part of the Indian Delegation to the Asia-Berlin Summit

Accura Scan to be a part of the Indian Delegation to the Asia-Berlin Summit

Accura Scan, a leading Fintech and Regtech company specialized in Global Digital KYC, Customer Onboarding and Identity Verification solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation as a part of the Indian Start-UpDelegation to the prestigious Asia-Berlin Summit, scheduled to take place from 12th to 16th June in Berlin. Representing Accura Scan at this significant event will be the company’s CEO, Mr. Yasin Patel, and Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Reza Writer.

The Asia-Berlin Summit serves as a vital platform for fostering dialogue and cooperation between Asia and Europe, with a strong emphasis on innovation, digitalization, sustainability, and culture. Distinguished leaders from politics, business, academia, and civil society converge at the summit to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and explore avenues for collaboration. For Accura Scan, this presents an excellent opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge ID Verification and Digital KYC solutions to a global audience and seek new markets and collaborations.

Accura Scan boasts several key advantages that set it apart from its competitors in the industry. Firstly, its Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to function both online and offline, enabling the scanning and verification of IDs even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. This feature proves especially beneficial for remote regions or places with poor connectivity infrastructure. Secondly, Accura Scan’s patented ID Forgery Solution runs over 50 forensic checks in real-time for forged documents, passports, and ID cards. This robust system effectively prevents fraud and identity theft while ensuring compliance with crucial Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Thirdly, the Face Match and Liveness Check features employ certified Selfie Technology, enabling real-time authentication of users by comparing their selfies with the photo displayed on their ID cards. This not only enhances security but also improves user experience and reduces transactional friction.

Moreover, Accura Scan offers additional features such as Fingerprint Biometrics, Age Verification, cybersecurity measures, and more. The company’s impressive track record includes serving clients from diverse sectors including banking, finance, telecom, hospitality, travel, education, and healthcare. Renowned organizations such as Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), Ahli Bank, Gulf Bank, Bank Nizwa, Batelco, Decurtis Corporation, Deem Finance, EasyPay, José de Mello (JMS), STC, House Invest Patrimony, and many others have placed their trust in Accura Scan’s solutions.

Accura Scan eagerly anticipates its participation in the Asia-Berlin Summit, as it presents an ideal platform to share the company’s vision of creating a safer and smarter digital world through its state-of-the-art ID Verification, Customer Onboarding and Digital KYC solutions. The company extends an open invitation to anyone interested in learning more about its products and services to visit its website at or reach out to its representatives via

In conclusion, Accura Scan’s inclusion in the Indian Delegation to the Asia-Berlin Summit underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration on a global scale. By leveraging its innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions, Accura Scan aims to contribute to the development of a secure and efficient digital ecosystem, benefiting individuals, businesses, and societies at large.