Accura Scan Participating in the Upcoming Mobile World Congress at Barcelona

Accura Scan Participating in the Upcoming Mobile World Congress at Barcelona

Accura Scan, a leading R&D company for established with the aim of replacing the exhilarating process of entering data manually, especially for Passports & ID cards globally. The organization mainly focuses on Deep Machine Learning and AI for Real-Time and Accurate Text Recognition.

Going further Accura Scan focused on Global KYC challenges (Know Your Customers) where we understand the process of collection and maintaining updated records is a very serious one. This fully digitized solution eradicates the requirement of paper documents in most places. It not only has the definite consent of clients, which results in minimum identity thefts but also takes care of serious issues such as forgery of crucial documents because of the utilization of real-time digital verification and affirmation of address data and identity of all clients. With the aid of configured institution-specific Proof of Identity (POI) and a very easy-to-understand SDK/API, our clients can easily On Board their customers faster than ever. Our solution is GDPR compliant as all process happens on device and not data leaves the device.

Our digital user on-boarding services, it is quite easy for our clients to sign up for a bank account online with zero assistance. The process of creating a bank account through the bank itself is deemed quite old way now, especially now that clients have the opportunity to take care of the entire process online or via mobile. As of now, banks, insurance, finance, telecom or any industry can even take on potential clients by utilizing purely digital methods such as video authentication using Selfie Technology.

Our products have made the entire process of data entry extremely convenient and very easy to use and understand through the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Face Match. Scanning your passport or any other kinds of ID Scan has never been easier. Especially with the launch of the Accura SDK (Software Development Kit) and Accura Web API, both of which make great use of Face Match, and MRZ, people no longer have to go through exhausting processes of entering useful information about themselves manually from their passports or national ID card.

Available with Android, iOS & Web SDK. With a remarkable average recognition time and a speed of 500 milliseconds, Our wide range of platforms (SDK & API) has helped our clients in extracting information from ID Cards, then doing a Face Match for User Verification and Authentication has appealed to many customers.

We would be at MWC Barcelona from 25th – 28th Feb 2019. Trust us when we say that you do not want to let go of this chance of attending one of the most exciting mobile tech gatherings happening currently in the world.

You may find us at Hall 6, Stand 6L10 (P13) and we’ll be there to have a chat about how using Accura Scan can help your business to board more customer digitally yet smart and compliant way. We hope to see you there!