Akwaaba Integrates Accura Scan Identity Verification Solutions to Mark Church Attendance in Ghana

Akwaaba Integrates Accura Scan Identity Verification Solutions to Mark Church Attendance in Ghana


In the bustling city of Accra, Ghana, where vibrant culture and spirituality converge, Akwaaba Solutions has taken a unique step toward the modernization of Church attendance. Akwaaba is an IT Solutions Company delivering innovative web, mobile & offline solutions for Staff Management, Attendance Management, Digital Payments & Collection Management, Employee Productivity Tracking, and other diverse applications. Recognizing the need for efficient and secure identity verification, Akwaaba has partnered with Accura Scan, a global leader in cutting-edge Digital KYC Solutions. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way church attendance is recorded, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and fraud prevention.  

The Power of Accura Scan 

ID Scanning Solution (OCR, MRZ, NFC Verification)  

Accura Scan’s advanced technology enables swift and accurate data extraction from various identity documents. Whether it’s a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card, the system seamlessly scans and verifies crucial information. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature ensures that the details are extracted and captured flawlessly. Also, the integration of Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) and Near Field Communication (NFC) verification enhances the process’s reliability.  

Face Recognition  

The Face Verification capability is a game-changer. By comparing a person’s live image with the photo on their ID, Accura Scan ensures that the individual standing before the camera is indeed the legitimate owner of the document. This biometric authentication adds an extra layer of security, preventing impersonation and unauthorized access.  

 iBeta Level 2 Compliant Liveness Check Solution  

Accura Scan’s commitment to excellence is evident through its iBeta Level 2 compliance. This rigorous testing ensures that the liveness detection feature accurately distinguishes between a live person and a spoof. The system prompts users to perform specific actions, such as blinking or nodding, to prove their physical presence during the verification process. 

Optical Fingerprint Biometrics: 

Accura Scan simplifies identity verification by leveraging smartphone cameras to capture high-resolution fingerprint images, eliminating the need for clunky hardware.  

Real-world applications of Accura Scan’s solutions extend beyond church attendance:  

1. Fraud Prevention  

Akwaaba’s client recognizes the importance of safeguarding its congregation. Accura Scan’s solutions prevent identity theft, ensuring that only genuine members participate in church activities. Unauthorized entries are now a thing of the past.  

2. Compliance  

With stringent regulations governing religious institutions, accurate attendance records are essential. Accura Scan’s compliance-friendly features align seamlessly with legal requirements, allowing the church to focus on its spiritual mission.  

3. Account Opening  

Beyond church attendance, Accura Scan’s technology extends to account opening processes. Banks and financial institutions can onboard customers swiftly, confident in the accuracy of their data. 

4. Age Verification  

For youth programs and events, verifying age is crucial. Accura Scan’s face recognition and ID scanning ensure that age-appropriate activities are accessible only to eligible participants.  

5. Investor Verification  

In a globalized economy, investment opportunities abound. Accura Scan’s solutions enable secure investor verification, minimizing risks associated with fraudulent identities.  

6. Customer Onboarding  

From dating apps to telecommunication providers, Accura Scan’s services streamline customer onboarding. The seamless process enhances user satisfaction and builds trust.  

Industries Served  

Accura Scan caters to diverse industries, including:  

  • Banking and Finance: Secure transactions and compliance-driven processes.  
  • Gaming: Age verification and fraud prevention in online gaming platforms.  
  • Dating Apps: Trustworthy user-profiles and safer interactions.  
  • Telecommunication: Swift SIM card activation and customer authentication.  
  • Travel: Efficient airport check-ins and border control.  
  • Insurance: Reliable policyholder verification.  
  • Hospitality: Seamless guest registration.  
  • Any Industry: Wherever identity verification matters, Accura Scan delivers.  


As Akwaaba Solutions embraces Accura Scan’s solutions for church attendance, it sets a precedent for other institutions worldwide. The marriage of technology and spirituality ensures accurate attendance records, compliance, and fraud prevention. With Accura Scan, the future of identity verification is brighter than ever—no hardware, no hassle, just trust.