Accura Scan Unveils Innovative Scanning Technology at WTM London

Accura Scan Unveils Innovative Scanning Technology at WTM London

INDIA Accurascan, an India based Image Processing Company, will be exhibiting at world travel markets show taking place at London on 6th, 7th and 8th November, and featuring its pathbreaking, disruptive and innovative scanning technology for the first time in the front of the huge b2b audiences. They will be exhibiting at stall no: TT130.

The parent company Accura Technolabs is proud to announce and unveil its new scanning product which is set to drive automation in the sectors where labor is time consuming for accumulation of documentation and records. Keeping the need of the travel sector in mind especially, where travel firms are in desperate need to embrace new technology which can reduce the documentation and bring in accuracy and efficiency, accurascan promises to trim the error issues and the manual components from the everyday hassle.

“At Accura Technolabs, we trust that every moment is an opportunity to build a relationship with our clientele and hence, our customers are satisfied with us” says Mr. Yasin , Founder of Accura Technolabs and the architect of Accurascan. He stresses that Accurascan is the first such product in the market which will offer a hassle-free solution to the millions of travel and many other firms looking to find a trustworthy solution for the collection of the documents and record keepings digitally.

Accura Technolabs is an application development company headquartered in India. They are pioneers of scanning technology. For over 18 years, we have built and developed robust applications as per customer’s needs. At Accura Scan, they started this dream to replace manual data entry for passports with something which is very convenient and easy. They have sourced the world for “hard to find” innovative products that is unique and most importantly, affordable. Customers get a result which is quick and reliable.

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