Accura Scan & Redian Software Announce Partnership to Fight Identity Fraud

Accura Scan & Redian Software Announce Partnership to Fight Identity Fraud

In the current landscape of rapid digital evolution, the preservation of identities and the prevention of fraudulent activities have emerged as pivotal priorities spanning diverse industries. Accura Scan, globally renowned for its pioneering identity verification solutions, has strategically joined forces with Redian Software, an esteemed technology enterprise. This union endeavors to redefine the landscape of identity verification by amalgamating cutting-edge technologies while adhering steadfastly to regulatory standards.

Insights into Accura Scan and Redian Software:

Accura Scan stands as a frontrunner in the realm of identity verification, offering a comprehensive suite designed for global digital Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, identity verification, and seamless customer onboarding. Famed for its adherence to the highest standards of data protection and quality assurance, Accura Scan boasts GDPR and iBeta Level 2 compliance. This exclusive distinction places it among the select few globally and as the sole entity in APAC and the Middle East to attain iBeta Level 2 compliance. Its suite encompasses an array of robust solutions—ID Scanning Solution (OCR, MRZ, NFC), Face Match, and Liveness Check—catering to multifaceted purposes like fraud prevention, compliance adherence, account opening, age verification, investor authentication, and seamless customer onboarding across diverse sectors such as banking, finance, travel, gaming, and healthcare, solidifying its global presence.

Redian Software, on the other hand, stands tall with a portfolio boasting over 500 successful global projects, specializing in pioneering solutions tailored for the Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Energy sectors. With headquarters in Noida, India, and a widespread footprint across the USA, UK, UAE, and Kenya, it remains a premier partner affiliated with industry-leading products like SuiteCRM, Odoo, and Google Workspace. The spectrum of Redian Software’s offerings spans CRM, ERP, Banking solutions, Business Intelligence, Cloud services, among others, underpinned by a team of experts propelling cutting-edge software development.

Core Objectives of the Partnership:

The central focus of the collaborative effort between Accura Scan and Redian Software lies in synergizing their expertise in identity verification technology and innovative software solutions. The goal is to craft and deliver seamlessly integrated, cutting-edge solutions that notably augment identity verification capabilities across varied industries. This collaboration seeks to leverage Accura Scan’s robust identity verification suite and Redian Software’s software development prowess, aiming to create comprehensive, reliable, and scalable offerings. Ultimately, the partnership aims to empower businesses with advanced tools, fortifying their defenses against identity fraud, expediting customer onboarding, ensuring stringent regulatory compliance, and nurturing trust in digital interactions.

Benefits of the Partnership:

  1. Fraud Prevention: By combining Accura Scan’s robust identity verification capabilities with Redian Software’s expertise, the partnership strengthens fraud prevention mechanisms. Organizations can confidently onboard genuine customers while minimizing the risk of fraudulent activities.
  2. Compliance: Accura Scan’s solutions adhere to GDPR guidelines and other regulatory standards. Redian Software’s deep understanding of compliance requirements ensures that businesses stay on the right side of the law.
  3. Efficient Account Opening: The partnership streamlines the account opening process. Users can verify their identity swiftly, allowing financial institutions and other service providers to onboard customers seamlessly.
  4. Age Verification: Dating apps, gaming platforms, and other services can use Accura Scan’s age verification features to ensure compliance with age-related regulations.
  5. Investor Verification: Financial institutions can verify the identity of investors during onboarding, enhancing transparency and trust.
  6. Customer Onboarding Across Industries: Accura Scan’s solution caters to a wide range of industries, including banking, finance, telecommunication, travel, insurance, and hospitality. Any business seeking secure customer onboarding can benefit from this partnership.


The collaboration between Accura Scan and Redian Software marks a significant milestone in the fight against identity fraud. As businesses embrace digital transformation, a robust and reliable identity verification solution becomes indispensable. With Accura Scan’s cutting-edge technology and Redian Software’s strategic vision, organizations can confidently verify and onboard customers, safeguarding their operations and building trust in the digital ecosystem.

In summary, this partnership is not just about technology—it’s about securing the future of business in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.