AML Screening Solutions & Verification

Distinguish High-chance Customers With Trusted Aml Arrangements, Pep Screening And Continuous Sanction List Observing.

AccuraScan offers access to 3000+ datasets procured from international sources including OFAC, EU, HMT, UN, DFAT and others. The AML data repository is updated on a regular basis.

AML Screening Of Businesses

Each business has a different essence and character. We check it for you. Approve organizations with authentic enlistment number Identify boycotted elements with worldwide AML datasets Conduct individual verifications of UBOs continuously. Eliminate the danger of consistence punishments and budgetary misfortune.

What Makes Accurascan's Aml Compliance Stand Out

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Investors’ Due Diligence

Confirmation of financial investors and continuous checking of sanctions list.

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Global Risk Management

Screening performed against global monitoring agencies and jurisprudence.

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AML Risk Reporting

Data management with complete screening proof of AML status.

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Global Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with GDPR.

Smooth And Fast Api Integration For Service Automation

Perform Faster & Speedy Verifications With Tailored Solutions For Your Business

Here’s How It Works:

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Aml Monitoring Completed In Seconds

Accurascan's Aml Mechanism Works Keenly To Reduce Categorical Risks. Anti-money Laundering Leverages Enormous Information And Mixture Of Innovation For Higher Exactness And Steady Outcomes.

Worldwide AML checks are done progressively to empower associations to prevent any financial risks associated with fraudulent customers.
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Monitoring and screening incoming customers against global sanction lists and adverse media databases.

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3000+ official international criminal watchlists, and warning lists covered by Financial Action Task Force.

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A global database maintained in accordance with international guidelines with PEP risk compliance rankings and AML/CFT measures.

A Step Towards Global Regulatory Compliance

To maintain KYC and AML regulatory compliance and guidelines to mitigate money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Accura Scan Digital ID Verification & KYC

Real Time ID & Identity Verification, Digital KYC, AML Verification, Certified Liveness Check, Face Biometrics and Document Authentication Service. Make your Online On-boarding & User authentication process risk-free with Accura Scan.

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