With so many players competing for a pie of the customer’s business, competition in the telecom industry is more fierce than ever before. Companies that are able to make the relationship with their customers enriching and fulfilling will enjoy an enviable advantage towards the acquisition of new customers.

Ways Accurascan helps the telecom industry

  • Scans and verifies ID-proof documents within a matter of seconds
  • Eliminates tedious and laborious manual entry of information and human errors
  • Improves the productivity of your employees who are in charge of the on-boarding process
  • Makes the overall experience of your new customers pleasant and satisfying

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms
  • Availability of SDK for both Android and iOS platforms
  • Availability of Web API and SDK which can be installed on your server
  • Eliminates manual data entry errors
  • Provides digital storage, saves costs of document copying, filing and storage
  • Easy search, track, sort, print and report generation capabilities
  • Automates the process of ID document collection, submission and filing
  • Improves staff output
To get a trial version of our SDK, please visit our contact us page. You can also drop a mail at and know how our SDK can help you to fulfill your business needs.

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With Accura Scan you can scan ID Cards, Passports, Driver's Licenses, Visas and other Identity Documents in just a few seconds.

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