All You Want To Know About Identity Verification

Identity verification is the important process of authenticating that an individual is the one they claim to be. With increasing cases of data breaches, cyber-attacks, identity theft, and theft from accounts, the implementation of watertight verification procedures through high-end identity verification software has assumed great significance.

There is also an increasing demand for remote ID verification processes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest digital identity verification methods such as biometric verification, face recognition, and digital ID document verification can help companies, governments, and financial institutions verify a person's identity online in a seamless manner.

The goal of identity verification companies usually involves detecting identity fraud and determining if someone is misusing the data. User identity verification also plays a role in Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) efforts at financial institutions. They assess and monitor customer risk, which is an important security measure to combat any potential fraud related to customer accounts.

Global ID verification services and global identity verification solutions enable a balance of security and user experience. Large organizations have adopted cutting-edge identity verification solutions to prevent money laundering, fraudulent activity, identity theft, processing of high-risk transactions, compliance, and cost-cutting on manual processes.

Moreover, amplifying internet penetration and increasing eCommerce activities have increased the demand for the latest identity verification tools to ensure trust in business relations from start to end.

Methods of Identity Verification

Methods of Identity Verification


Smartphone cameras capture the customer's passport, driver's license, or other ID documents.


Multiple fingerprints can authenticate the user's identity in a contactless and non-intrusive manner.


Here the individual uses their smartphone to capture a selfie-and perform a real-time detection test. The selfie is compared with the portrait from the ID document to provide the highest level of assurance.

Video KYC

A live video chat between an individual and agent can be a more authentic and guided way to verify and capture the onboarding of the service user's identity.

Behavioral analytics

Analyzing the behavioral attributes of individuals, like identifying their interaction with their devices and data entry patterns, is a means to detect fraudulent usage of a user's device and account.


Voice-based verification involves analyzing the voice patterns of individuals to create a unique voice signature that can be later used to validate and authenticate them.

The Use Case

Embedded security features such as watermarks or holograms can also be detected, and their positioning and appearance can be analyzed using advanced authenticators. Besides, a detailed analysis of fonts, their consistency, and the spacing and shape of letters is also carried out by comparing them to standard fonts for a particular document template.


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