We do this to demonstrate our customers and make them feel comfortable before getting into any contract with us. They can use the demo, scan some passports, visa, ID cards and be confident on the product performance. We license this underlying software to our customers, who can then use our ready product or build their own apps with this SDK.

Yes however, this version of the app is provided as-is and without warranty. We make no claims about its suitability for any specific purpose. It’s just a demo on how the passport, visa and ID Card data is scanned and shown to you in a prescribed format. Please do not hesitate to register with us for a Free Trial and accordingly, choose a plan which suits your business.

You need an iOS (version 9 and up) or Android (version 5 and up) smartphone. The more important is your smartphone should have a very good camera, it’s a scanning solution so everything is dependent on the device camera. iOS should have at least 8 Mega Pixel of camera and Android at least 13 MP of Camera. It can be doable even on some 13 MP Camera.

Yes, our product and SDK supports both iOS and Android. We even have Web SDK for Windows and Centos Server.

There are basically two steps. The first is to scan the so-called Machines Readable Zone (MRZ) with the camera. The MRZ consists of two or three lines at the bottom of the passport or identity card. We use OCR technology to read the passport number, first name, last name, country, sex, expiry date and date of birth. The demo app shows the proper output.

First, make sure the camera can clearly see the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ, the bottom 2 or 3 lines of the passport/identity card), taking care that there are no fingers in the way and that there is no glare of a lamp over the MRZ. Tilting the passport a little often helps, or shielding the document or ID Card from the glare of a lamp. Again, we insist you to have the above recommended resolution camera.

Keeping your security concerns and confidentiality, we don’t transfer or sync your data. This app works 100% offline but keep in mind that this is a demo app. If you want to use it commercially and want different options to export the data, please contact us for a license or simply go to Pricing and Start a Free Trial today without any further limitations.

Surely, this is just a demo app which we provide for free to demonstrate the capabilities of our product. You can acquire a license if you want to customize the application your way under your brand, your own app, with the customer journey you want, and get integrated into your own back-end systems.

Yes, not just US but we can read MRZ of any country passport, visa and ID Cards. Give it a try now.

No! We don’t store any information we retrieve from scanning a any document. Please read our Privacy Policy for the same

We hate bugs. For us to be able to fix them, we need specifics like phone details and where the bug appeared. To help you report bugs, we added a Debug Mode to the demo app. Every screen will get a “report bug” option at the top right of the screen; you can click it to e-mail us the debug log. You can e-mail the bug report to connect@accurascan.com

KYC Verification is the registration of first-time or recurring customers & prospects using their ID documents & verifying their identity using the Face Biometrics and Liveness Authentication tools & solutions. KYC Verification is essential to prevent onboarding of potentially fraudulent & undesirable customers to prevent frauds in the system.

AML or Anti Money Laundering Verification is an important element of customer due diligence which helps prevent on-boarding of fraudulent & undesirable individuals & entities with a history/record of illegal activities, embezzlement of public funds, tax evasion, and market manipulation. Accura Scan AML Check offers clients access to 3000+ sanctions lists/databases to help them check whether an individual being onboarded, is listed for any money laundering, narcotics, terror funding activities, financial frauds & crimes etc.

Video KYC is an agent assisted KYC Verification & Customer On-boarding process through a video-call. During the call, the prospect holds up any of the approved documents in front of the camera. The agent takes a screenshot of the prospect as well as the document, followed by face matching. The person’s name and DOB are also captured from the document using OCR and matched with details provided by them.

Accura Scan Face Match solution uses selfies to establish that the person presenting the ID is the same individual whose photo appears on the ID. All that is required is a device (Mobile phone/Laptop/Desktop etc) with a front camera & the customers ID document. Accura Scan ID Forgery Check solution can detect for any digital manipulation/forgery/editing of the photo on the scanned ID.

The entire process of extracting customer details from the scanned ID, Face Match & Liveness Check is completed within 05 seconds.

Accura Scan is a key provider of ID Verification & Digital KYC solutions to prestigious clients across the globe. All our solutions are proprietary; hence the buck stops with us for their quality & efficacy. We are fully GDPR compliant. The enduring loyalty of our clients from Banking, Telecom, Payments, Hospitality is a testimonial to the best-in-class quality & reliability of our solutions & services.

Accura Scan provides best-in-class Customer registration, ID Verification & On-boarding solutions to the Banking, Telecom, Payments, Insurance, Fintech, Travel & Hospitality, Immigration, Micro-finance, Car Rentals & other sectors where customer registration, verification & onboarding is required.

Accura Scan always encourages its prospects to carry out POC trials & assure themselves of the quality of our solutions and their utility for the prospects use case. To this end, we provide Mobile and Server SDK and also free APIs with a validity of 15 days as well as any assistance required by the prospects.

Accura Scan offers a 15 days free trial for its Web API services. This includes ID Card Scanning from around 200 countries Globally supporting English, Arabic, Chinese and all languages with Face Biometrics, Liveness Check, ID Forgery, AML Check and all its inhouse solutions for ID Verification and User Authentication.

Accura Scan has steadily evolved to become a key provider of Customer Registration & eKYC, ID Verification & On-boarding Solutions to the Banking, Payments, Telecom, Travel, Hospitality & other sectors across the Globe. Our platforms currently process more than 2 million eKYC verifications per month, globally, with prestigious clients in the MENA, Europe & APAC.

Any Identity document issued by a Government, State or Organization, such as Passports, National IDs, Driving License, Organization IDs, can be used for ID verification. It must have the owner’s details & photo on it.

Accura Scan Face Match solution compares the photo on an ID with the selfie of an individual to give a confidence score for a match or no-match, thus verifying the individual’s identity online. When combined with the Liveness Check, it becomes a potent tool to prevent identity theft & spoofing.

Customer Onboarding process involves the capture & registration of a new or first-time customer’s details, verifying his identity & after successful due diligence & approval, allowing him personal access to an organization’s products & services. Accura Scan solutions help automate this process by deploying AI & ML enabled solutions such as the MRZ OCR for scanning of customer IDs, Face Match for confirming the individual’s identity & the Liveness Check to prevent identity theft, the entire process getting completed within 10 seconds.

Accura Scan Liveness Check detects & confirms whether the data collected by Facial Biometrics is from a live human source or from a fake representation. It establishes that the customer was physically present during the eKYC process. Combined with our Face Match solution, it is a very effective anti-spoofing tool to prevent identity theft.

Biometrics is the digital process of recognizing or confirming the identity of an individual. Facial biometrics is a crucial element of identity verification in the modern-day eKYC process. Patterns based on a person's facial features are captured, analyzed, and compared. Accura Scan Face Match solution recognizes, captures human faces from the scanned ID of an individual, compares it with his live selfie & gives a confidence score for a match or no-match, thus verifying his identity.

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