STC signs-up with Accura Scan to automate & accelerate its Customer Onboardings

08 Mar 2023

As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, the need for secure and efficient identity verification has never been more important. With more and more businesses moving their operations online, it's critical that they are able to verify the identities of their customers to prevent fraud and protect their business. That's where Accura Scan comes in - as a key provider of global Digital KYC, Identity verification, and customer onboarding solutions provider, we offer cutting-edge technology that helps businesses around the world onboard their customers quickly, securely, and efficiently.

We are proud to announce that STC Kuwait has signed up to use our solutions to onboard their customers. STC is a leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them to help improve their customer onboarding process. With our technology, STC will be able to automate their kyc & onboarding process in a secure & seamless manner.

At Accura Scan, we believe that identity verification is critical for businesses of all sizes, and we are committed to providing the best solutions possible to help our clients onboard their customers quickly and easily. Here's a closer look at how our technology works, and why it's so important for businesses like STC Kuwait:

Digital KYC: A Key Component of Customer Onboarding

One of the most important aspects of customer onboarding is KYC (Know Your Customer). KYC is the process of verifying the identity of a customer before they are allowed to use a service or make a purchase. Traditionally, this process has been done manually, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. However, with digital KYC solutions like those offered by Accura Scan, businesses can now verify the identities of their customers in real-time, using advanced technology that can read and verify identity documents like passports, driver's licenses, national id cards etc.

At Accura Scan, we use cutting-edge OCR (optical character recognition) technology and machine learning algorithms to read and verify identity documents quickly and accurately. Our technology can read documents from over 150 countries, making it a truly global solution. This means that businesses like STC Kuwait can onboard customers from around the world, without worrying about the complexity of verifying their identities.

Real-time Identity Verification: Fast, Accurate, and Secure

One of the key benefits of our technology is that it provides real-time identity verification. This means that businesses can verify the identity of a customer in a matter of seconds, rather than hours or days. This not only speeds up the customer onboarding process, but also helps to prevent fraud by ensuring that the person using the service is who they say they are.

Our technology also offers a high degree of accuracy, thanks to our advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. This means that businesses can trust that the identities of their customers are being verified accurately and reliably. And because our technology is fully automated, there is no need for manual intervention, reducing the risk of errors and making the process more efficient.

Improved Customer Experience: Faster Onboarding, Better Service

For businesses like STC Kuwait, using our digital KYC and identity verification solutions means more than just improving security and preventing fraud. It also means improving the customer experience. By using our technology, STC can onboard customers more quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual document checks or lengthy verification processes.

This means that customers can start using STC's services more quicklyy, which can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. And because our technology is easy to use and highly automated, the onboarding process is also more convenient for customers, reducing the risk of frustration or abandonment.


At Accura Scan, we are proud to be a key provider of global Digital KYC, Identity verification, and customer onboarding solutions provider. We believe that our technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that business’ function.

Unlock the True Identity of Your Users with 3D Selfie Technology

A simple selfie will do your customer verification and authentication. Accurascan authentication is a new 3D technology for preventing identity theft. Our Authentication captures hundreds of images of people when they take a selfie video to verify themselves during high-risk online transactions. Creating a 3D identity map that can’t be spoofed.

Identity Card Scan

Identity Card Scan

100% OCR Accuracy. Scans the ID Card, Auto fill and Verifying the Document

Face Match

Face Match

Matching the User Selfie with the photo shown in the ID Card.

Liveness Check

Liveness Check

Was the person himself present while doing the transaction? or submitting KYC doucments? or while opening the account?

Liveness Check


Accura Scan Identity Verfication gives result immediately in Real Time. Know your Real Customers

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