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24 Apr 2018

Being an owner of real estate business or of an apartment demands awareness of your tenants’ security. If the flat owners do not have a tight security system for their safety, your business can be on slippery grounds. Protecting your business and your tenants requires a robust and invincible security solution that can prevent any unwanted intrusion or uncalled for mishaps.

To maintain the security of an apartment by a security guard is no longer entirely reliable. Such manual vigilance can fail leading to unpleasant consequences. To back up the manual security check, technology has come up with stronger and more efficient security solutions.

On a daily basis, an apartment premises have footfalls of strangers like delivery boys, technicians, plumbers, guests and so on. Any person with a wrong intention can convincingly lie and enter a household easily. Therefore, security checks are a must for apartment complexes.

So, here are the 3 ways that can ensure the security of your apartment complex.

CCTV Surveillance

One of the classic forms of ensuring security is video surveillance. CCTV cameras are commonly installed near entry gates, exit gates, parking places, and pool areas. They record the happenings of the surroundings in the form of videos. Any ill-intentioned person will stay away from the property if cameras are installed in fear of being recognized or caught. With its evolution, CCTV cameras have become sharper and give high-resolution pictures. One of the greatest benefit of CCTV camera is that one can get a sneak peek at what is going on around a building in real time.

Document Scanner App

Using a document scanner is an effective way of ensuring entry of only authorized visitors or tenants within the complex. Accurascan developed by Accura Technolabs is a document scanning app that uses the device camera to read documents like ID cards, driving license, visas and passports in 500 milliseconds. This light-weight app can be installed on a smartphone, a tablet or iPad easily and its ready to work. The security guards can scan the ID cards of the visitors and securely save it on the cloud server of the application. In case of any mishap, the stored details of the visitor can be retrieved and sent to the police. Having a database of all the visitors in a centralized system can help in its easy management and use. The OCR app has its own SDK/API which can be used to integrate with other existing security apps and customized accordingly.


This is an easy and a tight security control system. It involves fingerprint, facial and iris identification scanning to restrict unwelcomed visitors. It is one of the most advanced and sophisticated systems for verification and authentication. Biometric works around a person’s unique intrinsic traits or features. It is able to identify a person on the basis of his or her fingerprints, iris pattern, voice or facial features. It compares any of these features with the person’s stored data on the server and declares access if they match.

The security options discussed above are most dependable among other available options. Accurascan is the most cost-effective security ensuring option that you can use. Therefore, safeguard the security of your apartment complex and its owners by relying on these solutions.

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